Christopher Griffin

Stella Jean Resort 2018 Collection

Stella Jean Resort 2018 Collection 31/37

NEW YORK, June 21, 2017 by Tiziana Cardini Conversations with Stella Jean are always interesting, yet you can’t help but get the impression that the world’s weight sits heavily on her shoulders. In the past, she has often charged her fashion message with intense political undertones, as if, in order […]

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Pomeroy House

Pomeroy House, Planet Elephants

In the early 90’s I began my art career in Toronto by hanging my works at cafe’s, pubs & coffee shops. These were temporary exhibits with prices and titles marked on small paper tags beside each work. It is humbling and gratifying that five top Ottawa eateries have committed to purchasing […]

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Planet Coffee

Planet Coffee, Humpback Whale

Planet Coffee is a fantastic coffee shop in the heart of the Market in downtown Ottawa. They were the first to purchase a piece of art from me to hang permanently in their space. In 2010, I had a painting returned to me from a gallery – it was an […]

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FAUNA White Bull

Fauna is also another great restaurant just down the street from my studio in centretown, Ottawa. This white bull painting is very large and because it is vertical, demands a large space to view properly. This was another case of hanging the painting and it immediately finding a permanent home. It fits as […]

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Whalesbone, Sperm Whale

Whalesbone is also an Ottawa institution and their (4th) space on Elgin Street demanded a large custom made Sperm Whale. The painting is 17′ long and I was unable to stand back and see it in its entirety in my studio. I took the print of the whale from the […]

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