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Christopher Griffin

Christopher Griffin

Pomeroy House

Pomeroy House, Planet Elephants

In the early 90’s I began my art career in Toronto by hanging my works at cafe’s, pubs & coffee shops. These were temporary exhibits with prices and titles marked on small paper tags beside each work. It is humbling and gratifying that five top Ottawa eateries have committed to purchasing my work on a permanent basis. The Pomeroy House is one of these great restaurants. The challenge here was their long and narrow space. A painting above the seating would have been difficult to view in its entirety and so I proposed a parade of small 3D clay elephants to animate the space. The pattern and repetition harmonize with the seating fabric and the colour provides a natural transition between the seating and the wall.

Christopher Griffin

Planet Coffee

Planet Coffee, Humpback Whale

Planet Coffee is a fantastic coffee shop in the heart of the Market in downtown Ottawa. They were the first to purchase a piece of art from me to hang permanently in their space. In 2010, I had a painting returned to me from a gallery – it was an abstract aerial view of a herd of bison. Not having seen it for 5 years, I immediately realized that there was something missing and I painted a blue Humpback whale overtop of it.  I offered to hang it at Planet Coffee temporarily. It fit the space above their seating perfectly. Once a few patrons enquired about the piece, the ladies at Planet Coffee realized that they couldn’t afford to lose it and so they purchased it themselves.

Christopher Griffin


FAUNA White Bull

Fauna is also another great restaurant just down the street from my studio in centretown, Ottawa. This white bull painting is very large and because it is vertical, demands a large space to view properly. This was another case of hanging the painting and it immediately finding a permanent home. It fits as if it were custom painted and sized for that exact location.

Christopher Griffin

El Camino

El Camino, Mule, 231 Elgin Street, Ottawa

El Camino was smash hit the minute it opened its doors – they have the best tacos in town and a very cool vibe. This large 8′ x 8′ concrete mural was commissioned for the space. The texture and subtlety of concrete works very nicely indoors and creates an interesting backdrop.

Christopher Griffin


Whalesbone, Sperm Whale

Whalesbone is also an Ottawa institution and their (4th) space on Elgin Street demanded a large custom made Sperm Whale. The painting is 17′ long and I was unable to stand back and see it in its entirety in my studio. I took the print of the whale from the sidewalk under the Kent Street underpass. Once it was finished, three of us walked it down Gladstone Ave., north on Elgin Street and through the large double windows of the Whalesbone. This is the longest painting I have ever completed.